5 Of My Favourite Things To Do In London Flying Solo

“In London, everyone is different and that means anyone can fit in.” 

Paddington Bear

London for sure is an exciting, busy, social city and one might look around and think that this somewhat intimidating city is better suited for couples, groups or families. But I have to say some of my favourite things to do in London I love doing by myself. In fact some things are even easier or more accessible when you are flying solo. 

Walking St James, London

I have put together a list of My 5 Favourite Things to Do in London Flying Solo. I also would so welcome any suggestions you my readers might have as well. I am sure this list can apply to most cosmopolitan cities. So DO NOT let your single ass self sit at home hovering over a tub a Häagen-Dazs Chucky Monkey trying to will your phone to ring. Get out, explore and discover just how much fun life can be flying solo. 

1. See A Live West End Show

You might think that seeing a show is something you do as a couple or with a friend but this is one of the best things to do if you are on your own. I have been able to get into a lot of “sold out for months” shows here in London. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Hamilton and most recently The Lehman Trilogy. These are SOLD OUT shows. Impossible to get tickets….but not if you are looking for one seat. There are usually single seats available especially on the day. So you my single friend have a huge advantage plus lets face it, once the show starts you are not speaking to the person beside you anyways.

2. Visit An Art Gallery or Museum


London as we know has tons of galleries, museums and places of interest to visit. But is it just me but when you are with a friend at an art gallery one is usually waiting (me) for the other to finish up or move it along. I love going to art galleries on my own. I usually rent the head phones to get an audio tour and really learn about what I am seeing and I relish going at my own pace. Who says you can’t see everything at The British Museum in a day? Not I.  Also, did you know that there are talks and lectures offered by almost every gallery, museum, church, etc in London?  Behind the scenes at The Royal Albert Hall, art lectures at the V&A or taking an inspiring lecture at The School Of Life. Do you want to know who is buried at Westminster Abbey (and where?) well you can do that too with a little bit of planning ahead.

The Dior Exhibit at The Victoria & Albert Museum

The Dior Exhibit at The Victoria & Albert Museum

3. Take A Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

The Big Bus Tour.JPG

Ok, I know that this sounds corny and touristy but honestly this is one of the best ways to see London’s sites and learn about the city. My favourite of these tours is The Big Bus Tour, and my favourite of their options of routes is the Red Tour. They have a live entertaining tour guide on the bus giving you fantastic tid-bits, trivia, gossip and of course some actual history about this incredible city as you roll pass Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, London Eye and Buckingham Palace (just to name a few). Again you can set your own pace and decide what you want to go and discover.

St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral

4. Join A Walking Tour

Street art Dont Shoot and A Broad In London.jpeg

From London’s East End graffiti to a Muggle Tour for you Harry Potter fans or even a factually inaccurate Bullshit London walking tour, there are so many options to choose from. Time Out did a great post of some of the best walking tours in London. Hadn’t got to them all yet but I am working on it.

Street art in Shoreditch with the always impressive Leslie White

Street art in Shoreditch with the always impressive Leslie White

street art of bird.jpg

5. Treat Yourself To A Well Earned Pint

I get that you might not be used to drinking alone...or at least I hope not but com’on you’re in London mate and you can’t miss out on such a fine British tradition. Some of these pubs are nice to visit with a good book or laptop, or be brave and belly-up to the bar have a pint and start a conversation. You will be surprised how friendly the locals can be with a pint or two already downed. Buzzfeed has a great list of some of the best London bars for the solo drinker. 

Cocktail .jpg

As for me, this is how I like my pints. Divided into smaller units we call ounces and poured into a series of multiple frosted cocktail glasses.

One final shout out to Balthazar Restaurant in Covent Garden, a solo diner’s best friend. I sat there to have a lovely quiet lunch and the server brought over a glass of champagne to the table. When I told her I hadn’t ordered that she said, we give a free glass of champagne to all our solo patrons. Well…just another great reason to stay single and day drink. Man I love this town. Cheers!