Tiny Moments Of Delight ~ It's The Little Things That Spark Joy

My Oprah “A-Ha” Moment

A short time ago, after a punishing morning workout on the Wheel Of Pain (spin) as part of my personal reward program I wandered into my local neighbourhood bakery (guilt free-ish) to get myself my usual… a café latte and a fresh baked blueberry muffin. I had earned it! That particular morning something unexpected happened. As I let the sweet warm scent of baking bread, rising yeast, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar enveloped me I instantly was transported into a joyous moment of pure, unquestionable happiness. I inhaled deeply as if to hold in the delicious moment of total bliss for as long as I could. Bakery air I thought. Something as simple as bakery air made me happy. I had been in that bakery before, in fact many times but I had not really paid attention, I’d just grabbed my muffin or warm baguette and leave. But that day for some reason…I was aware…I paid attention and was present…and it in the words of Marie Kondo (look her up)….it sparked joy.

It has been said if we could find a way to enjoy and appreciate the simple moments in life, stop rushing to get where we think we need to be, stand still for a moment and really take in everything around you… we would be a happier human. Well I am clearly not a therapist, although I have spent many a useful hour with one and I don’t pretend to be particularly enlightened like say…for instance Oprah, but like the great woman herself has said…this I know to be true.

This moment sparked me to ask my friends what are their little, simple moments of delight? What makes you as happy as bakery air?  The results were so incredible I knew I just had to share the happiness.

Tiny Moments of Delight ~ Little Things That Spark Joy

Wisteria London.jpg

Nature Moments

The first tiny buds of spring pushing up in my garden

Everyday the wisteria is in bloom

The gentle sound and smell of a warm summer rain as seen from my back porch

The sunset from my little balcony

Standing on the side of a majestic snowy mountain and feeling small

Hugs At Buring Man.jpeg

Human Moments

A long hug when you really need it

Having one of my children unexpectedly text me and want nothing other than to say, “hi”.

A unexpected text from a good friend saying hello

Strangers who smile

The sound of laughter, including my own

Charlotte Laughing With Friend.jpeg


The way a hot cup of tea warms your cold hands on a chilly day

The audible “aaah” sound one makes when lowering yourself into a welcoming hot scented bath

Clean fresh sheets sliding frictionlessly up against freshly shaved legs

The cold side of the pillow

Cracking the spine of an greatly anticipated unread book

Holding cup of tea.jpg


That first quiet sip of morning coffee before anyone else is up 

That first glass of evening wine after a long day

That first taste of a cold frosty beer on a hot summer’s day that makes you say…aaahhhh!

Beer at Sunset.jpeg

Pets Moments

Opening my eyes in the morning to my dog staring at me in bed with no idea at all how long he has silently been sitting there looking at me. 

The light contented sigh my dog lets out as he finally lays his head down beside me but not until he has completed three full rotations at the foot of my bed

Cody Sleeping on Sofa.jpeg

Watching my dog’s reaction when I get home, even if I have only been gone for ten minutes

When my cat climbs on top of my keyboard to remind she will not be ignored

Watching my cat bask in the sunlight on her favourite chair

Maggie Sleeping in the Sun on Union Jack Pillow.jpg


The sound of ice cubes cracking in my glass

The happy waking sound of the birds outside my window signalling to me that winter has made way for spring

Crashing waves when I am falling asleep

The laughter of children playing, anybody’s children


The smell of the heavy humid air steaming up from a hot sidewalk after a summer shower

Freshly cut grass

The rich smell of a crackling wood fire on a chilly day 

Fire at the ski chalet with glass of wine.jpeg

A fine mist of lavender on my pillow before I get into bed

The smell of bacon on a Sunday morning 

The smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting into my bedroom and I haven’t even opened my eyes

The smell of fresh crisp early morning air

Chorley Park, Rosedale at dawn.

Chorley Park, Rosedale at dawn.

and… the delicious welcoming sweet scent of bakery air.

Bakery Air.jpeg

As I pondered these simple seemingly inconsequential moments of a day I am now certain that these little moments are more essential to happiness than I ever really knew. It’s not like it has made my problems go away, in fact very little if anything in my life had changed…expect for me…I had shifted focus…I started paying attention. An awareness of my world, through a gentle lens.  

“Life is so great that we only get a tiny moment to enjoy everything we see. And that moment is right now”.

Neil Pasricha, The Book of Awesome

Thank you my beautiful friends for sharing with me your tiny moments of delight. Please keep sharing.

Your happiness is now mine.