Celebrities & Their London Houses

Outside the gate of Mick Jaggers House.J.JPG

Brits tend to be far more discrete when it comes to their celebrity worshipping, that is say compared to our Americans friends where there are people literally sitting in folding lawn chairs outside the star’s homes selling maps to other star’s homes. In the absence of an obvious map to the stars in London unless you have been dead awhile (see my Blue Plaque people blog) I decided to create my own little self guided tour of London celebs and see if I could find the homes of some of London’s elite and infamous. Here is who I found.

Celebrities & Their London Houses

Holland Park


Of all the neighbourhoods in London I believe Holland Park houses more notables than most London neighbourhoods. Nicknamed Millionaire’s Row, Holland Park is home to the likes of Sir Richard Branson, The Beckhams, Elton John, Robbie Williams. Jimmie Page, Simon Cowell and many others and I can see why. A beautiful, quiet, tree lined neighbourhood nestled around one of my favourite parks in the world.

David and Victoria Beckham

23 Holland Park

Beckham House Holland Park.

Legendary footballer (soccer to my North American friends) David Beckham and his Spice Girls wife turned designer Victoria live in this incredible house in Holland Park neighbouring Sir Richard Branson. I am not sure if the Beckhams had to pay more to get David Beckham’s jersey number 23 as their home address but rest assure they can afford it. It is estimated that their house is worth £31.500,000. They have an equally lavish home in LA and whilst in the UK they share their time between their London house and their luxurious country farmhouse in the Cotswolds.

Sir Elton John

4 Queensdale Place

Elton John in Holland Park.jpg

Although music legend Elton John has multiple houses around the world his London house did surprise me from the modest exterior (wasn’t invited in to see the interior but guessing it is lavish). I was expecting something like…well…more outrageous…like the man himself with a giant automatic bejewelled gate and 12 foot high security hedge. This place looked more like I was visiting Elton John’s nan. I actually walked by it several times before I realized I was standing right in front of it. Elton has owned this house since 1992. He also has a much grander home just outside of London in Windsor.

Simon Cowell ~ 10 Holland Park Villas Road


Music producer, star maker (One Direction, Il Divo) and talent competition judge (American Idol, X Factor) Simon Cowell has been listed in the top ten twice for the 100 Most Influential People In The World. Cowell, along with his house made local news not that long ago when a burglar broke into the house when Cowell and his family where there. Needless to say, Cowell fired the security company who was in charge. His five bedroom house estimated to be worth £10,000,000 and he splits his time between London and LA.

The Houses The Rock Built

It is no London secret that neighbours Jimmy Page, former front man and guitarist for Led Zeppelin and pop artist Robbie Williams, from the band Take That are in a massive legal feud. Williams is doing an extensive renovation on his house which is next door to Page that includes installing a massive indoor swimming pool. Page has been trying to stop it resulting in the two being caught up in a legal battle for over five years now. Police also had been called several times as it has been reported that Williams who deliberately is trying to antagonize Page dresses up with a silver wig and stuffing a pillow under his shirt to impersonate the 75 year old rocker whilst blasting Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple songs at high volume. This all to upset the Led Zeppelin guitarist neighbour. Take that, Jimmy Page. Personally speaking, Williams sounds like a dick. One girl’s opinion.

Jimmy Page

Tower House, 29 Melbury Road


Page bought the house known as Tower House in 1972 from the late actor Richard Harris, reportedly outbidding David Bowie.

Robbie Williams

Woodland House, 31 Melbury Road

Robbie William House in Holland Park.jpeg

Robbie Williams’ Holland Park home currently under construction has 47 rooms and he bought it in 2013 for £17,000,000

St John Wood

Sir Paul McCartney

7 Cavendish Ave

Paul McCarthy's House St Johns Wood

In a neighbourhood where I would normally think of houses of foreign ambassadors, embassies and dignitaries lives Sir Paul McCartney one of the most famous singer/songwriters of all time. The houses in St John Wood are mainly large mansions, massive old trees and the streets are very quiet. A few other celebs that call St John Wood home are actor Ewan McGregor and pop star Lily Allen.

Freddie Mercury

28 Logan Place, Kensington


Behind this stone fence once lived Freddie Mercury, lead singer for the rock band Queen. Over 20 years after Mercury died of AIDS fans still come to his house Garden Lodge to pay tribute by leaving flowers and personal letters.



Amy Winehouse

30 Camden Square

30 Camden Square. Former House of Amy Winehouse

30 Camden Square marks the house where Amy Winehouse lived and died at 27. The edgy, colourful neighbourhood pays tribute to their fallen daughter. Fans come to lay flowers and add a message on the street sign that marks the square. The graffitied street sign has been stollen 14 times over the last six years resulting in the local council erecting a warning sign not to steal the street sign.

Street Art in Camden Amy Winehouse .jpg
Posing in front of Amy Winehouse statue in Camden Market.

Posing in front of Amy Winehouse statue in Camden Market.

Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Clearly many a man of wealth and taste have lived on this street giving it the nicknamed Rolling Stones Row for being home for many of the Rolling Stones over the decades. The famous Chelsea Street overlooking the Thames has been home to many notables and includes an impressive 10 Blue Plaques to indicate famous people who weren’t only rock royalty but who also lived on Cheyne Walk.

Mick Jagger & Marinanne Faithful

48 Cheyne Walk

Mick Jagger Chanye Walk

Keith Richards

3 Cheyne Walk

Former Keith Richards House 3 Cheyne Walk

Ronnie Wood

119 Cheyne Walk

Former Ronnie Scott House 103 Cheyne Walk

Mick Jagger & Late Fashion Designer L’Wren Scott

98 Cheyne Walk


Mick Jagger’s Childhood Home

39 Denver Road, Dartford

Mick Jagger's Childhood Home.jpeg

Tony Blair

29 Connaught Square

Tony Blairs House on Connaught Square.

Finally my neighbour, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, London’s worst kept secret of celebrity housing. Aside from the armed policemen that always surround Mr Blair’s house when he is in residence but did you know every cabbie in London when I ask them, take me to Connaught Square, they will say, oh going to visit Tony Blair? One time I will need to make that happen and introduce myself to my new neighbour.

I still have many a celebrity home I would like to see, but on top of list has to be Colin Firth. Mr Firth lives in Chiswick at an undisclosed address and unfortunately until the restraining order against me is lifted I will have to keep my distance. Love you Colin…it was all a giant misunderstanding. xoxo

Chrsitina Ford and Colin Firth. Opening of Mary Poppins London.jpeg