Kick Off Those Stilettos & Pack Them Away.  White Trainers Have Taken Over. See Why This Is Hottest Fashion Trend Since Hot-Pants. 

Ok, this has revolutionized the way I dress…FOREVER!

I am serious AND I am not alone in this. It used to be after a long day at work or at a social event you would walk or more often hobble home having been in uncomfortable yet stylish looking heels all day. The absolute first thing you would do would be to kick off your shoes, sit down and massage those poor sore feet of yours. I know all you fab fashionista sistas out there know of what I speak.

A Broad In London in white trainers, Spain.jpg

Then the New York working women would wear their trainers (aka sneakers) with their business attire to and from work slipping into the more impractical yet stylish heels when they got into the office. 

Now…a white non athletic trainer has become all the rage. A socially celebrated fashion trend they are being paired with dresses, skirts and even formal attire and I for one could not be happier.


What do you wear white trainers with? The answer is anything you want!

Living in London and walking a lot there would always be that moment when one has to estimate how much walking you will be doing that day and chose the shoes first, outfit second. You girls under 30 likely don’t do that yet…but your time is coming.

Girl in White.png

But with white trainers taking over the fashion scene it is now giving my skirts and dresses a second coming out as I can now happily and more importantly stylishly wear my more dressy clothes with a pair of sneakers. 

Celebrities around the world are pairing them with…well…everything. The look is youthful, playful, trendy…and super comfy.

Celebs in White Trainers Trio.png

Fashion press around the world have reported white trainers worn with almost anything as the biggest women’s fashion trend of 2019, maybe the decade.

Many designers have been showing white trainers on the catwalk with some of their more formal attire. Some fashion journalist have even used the word “phenomena” describing this trend. Alexander McQueen’s Runway Platform sneaker (£360) according to global fashion search platform Lyst is currently being searched every two minutes online. Wow.

Alexander McQueen Runway Sneaker

Emma Thompson (love her) even showed up to Buckingham Palace to received her dame-hood (is that a word?) dressed elegantly right down to her white Stella McCartney trainers.

Sure there might have been some criticism but I say Emma girl you rocked it. 

Emma Thompson in white trainers.jpg

The white trainers have shown up at red carpets, high fashion catwalks, weddings and many a royal event worn by the royals themselves.


The super great thing about this is…

They’re white and white works with every colour…says me!

They range in price. So anyone can afford a pair from Zara to Gucci. 

They are super comfortable. So now the only thing I am taking off when I get home is my bra elegantly being pulling through the sleeve of my shirt. 

They have revamped my existing wardrobe allowing me to wear clothes with a new look and edge that I haven’t in awhile. Hell, that might have even saved me money buying new clothes…maybe.

Converse and wedding dress.png

My personal faves are my Superga 2790 (£65) a great white canvas sneaker with a nice platform. Also loved by the Duchess of Cambridge (but I had them first). Only downside is they are canvas and are harder to keep clean. Haven’t dared tried throwing them in the washer like I do my Converse, another go to fave which I just picked up a new pair with a fab platform heel. Please do share with me any cleaning tips you might have. I practically live in my leather Zara trainers that I learned are one of the most successful selling shoe of 2019.

Duchess of Cambridge in her/our Superga trainers

Duchess of Cambridge in her/our Superga trainers

Seriously I cannot even remember what I used to wear on my feet before this.. oh wait… yes I can and they hurt like hell. Even Carrie Bradshaw would be excited about this.

A Broad In London outside Chiltern Firehouse London. Sporting White Trainers.jpg

To wrap this all up, here is what some fab people have to say about one of my favourite things on the planet…shoes.

“I spend most of my time wearing uncomfortable things, so for me, it’s all about trainers.’ – Cara Delevingne

‘The average woman falls in love seven times a year. Only six are with shoes.’ – Kenneth Cole

‘One shoe can change your life”. – Cinderella

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. - Marilyn Monroe

Life is short girls, buy the shoes. ~ A Broad In London

My Zara trainers

My Zara trainers