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Kick Off Those Stilettos & Pack Them Away.  White Trainers Have Taken Over. See Why This Is Hottest Fashion Trend Since Hot-Pants. 

Ok, has revolutionized the way I am dressing. I am serious AND I am not alone in this. It used to be after a long day at work or at a social event you would walk or more often hobble home having been in uncomfortable yet stylish looking heels all day. The absolute first thing you would do would be to kick off your shoes, sit down and massage those poor sore feet of yours. I know all you fab fashionista sistas out there know of what I speak.

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20 Royal Rules Meghan Must Obey Before She Marries Her Prince

Like most little girls I had a very strong imagination growing up. I played with dolls, I dressed up like a princess and I imagined (pretty much solely thanks to Disney) that someday my prince would come, riding his white horse and whisk me away from my little split-level bungalow in North Toronto to his fabulous castle with a Michelin Star chef and a full time masseuse... and of course live happily ever after. But what every Disney Princess did not know was that behind the castle gates, after that sun had set there lurked the in-laws...ohhhh the Royal in-laws. With their pending pre-nup, royal wedding planner and most importantly the countless rules and regal protocol for marrying into their family. 

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