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Kick Off Those Stilettos & Pack Them Away.  White Trainers Have Taken Over. See Why This Is Hottest Fashion Trend Since Hot-Pants. 

Ok, has revolutionized the way I am dressing. I am serious AND I am not alone in this. It used to be after a long day at work or at a social event you would walk or more often hobble home having been in uncomfortable yet stylish looking heels all day. The absolute first thing you would do would be to kick off your shoes, sit down and massage those poor sore feet of yours. I know all you fab fashionista sistas out there know of what I speak.

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Harrods. The Little Known Secrets Inside The World's Most Famous Department Store

…..Aaaah Harrods

I call it the Mother Ship, Mecca, the indisputable centre of the glam retail universe. Harrods is London's most iconic and beautiful department store and one of the top tourist attractions in the U.K. estimating 15 million visitors annually. It is the 7th most Instagrammed place in London where at any given time you will see tourists taking selfies outside its majestic exterior or inside the world famous Food Hall. This beautiful Grand Dame of London occupies over a million square feet in prestigious Knightsbridge. That is over 5 acres of shoes, electronics, toys, make-up, jewellery, books, furniture… and of course fabulous, fabulous clothes making it the largest department store in Europe. 

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TO MARKET TO MARKET ~ My 5 Favourite Markets in London...And Why I Love Them

 I have enough clothes and shoes...said no woman EVER!

They call it "retail therapy" for a reason and that's because shopping releases endorphins, reduces stress and is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Shopping may even help you live longer (like you need another reason). So in the name public health I have incorporated shopping into my daily healthy lifestyle and started exploring London's markets.

I love the feel of the markets, they have textures, grit, smells, and personalities that you are not going to find strolling down Oxford or Regents Street. Don’t get me wrong, I love that shopping experience too but it you really want to get to know London you cannot do that without experiencing her fabulous markets. You noticed I referred to London in the feminine…that’s because anyone who has so many shoes has to be a girl. 

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